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Golf Specials -TEXT OR CALL to order 831-293-3751

Mobile IV therapy

We come to your room at your golf


NAD+ drips take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

 Please allow 1 hr extra prior to T-Time. Book your

in-room service as early as 6 am for a 9 am T-time

(Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay only).


Golfer Special Hydration Cocktails

  Day 1

  Focus NAD+  $ 750                                                                                                  Save $ 50

   Energy and Focus – Suggested for Day 1, play well and dial it in.

   Energy carrying 500 mg NAD+ infusion with relaxing magnesium infusion and 1000 mL hydration with electrolytes.


Day 2

The Concept $ 1,250                                                                                                Save $ 250

When you need to pump up the jam to outshine the competition. Outwit. Outlast. And outplay! Focus, energy, super immune boost -THE ULTIMATE All-inclusive drip.

Hydrate with 1,000 mL of Lactated Ringers, tri-aminos (MIC) trace minerals, 2,000 mg vitamin C, 2,000 mcg   vitamin B12, B complex, 200 mg taurine, 500 mg NAD+, 400 mg NAC, and proprietary blend followed by 1,000 mg glutathione IV push.


Golfer Special

Purchase both Focus NAD+ and Concept for ONLY! $ 1800. in advance and save an additional $ 200!!!


Day 3

Post-celebration recovery with electrolytes $ 400 Save $ 50 *

Hydration, vitamins anti-nausea, and anti-inflammatory

1000 mL of Lactated Ringers, trace minerals, 2,000 mg vitamin C, 2,000 mcg vitamin B12, B complex, Zofran (for nausea) and Toradol (for inflammation), magnesium.


 (Save more: $350 for the post-celebration bag if ordered with Golfer special, Focus NAD+, or Concept)


Comfort Detox Foot Soak- Add $ 75 for an Ionic foot bath for 30 minutes ($ 100 for 45 minutes).

Foot bath removes heavy metals, yeast, lymphatic and liver toxins, blood clot material, and more. Be hydrated! You may want a nap and is also usually a good method to treat constipation!

*Only available in conjunction with at least one IV drip.


Get Drenched!


TEXT of call 831-293-3751

Private home and office infusions.

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We support large and small GOlf event participants

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Get Drenched!

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Order NOW and call 831-574-6831 to schedule infusion and get included clearance consul from a licensed provider.

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