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Become "drought" resistant with this electrolyte elixir. Like this resourceful plant, you will thrive, even in the harshest of conditions. 1000 mL Normal Saline infusion. Contains 9 gm NaCl (salt) of the recommended daily allowance of 2.3 gm. Use if dehydrated and in need of salt. Otherwise use our Drenched lactated ringers bag.


A normal IV saline solution contains only two components: sterile water and salt (also called sodium chloride). At Rocky Mountain IV Medics, we use one of the most common normal saline solutions, which is known as 0.9% sodium chloride. 


When Is a Saline Drip Used?

The human body, which is about 60% water, needs the proper amount of fluids to function at its best. These fluids have sodium and chloride that keep the body’s cells and tissues hydrated. Sodium is also used to maintain muscle movement, nervous system responses, and other cellular processes. Chloride is necessary for regulating your acid-base balance, which is integral to many of the body’s biological reactions.


It’s evident that we need to maintain good hydration in the body for good health. However, we lack these necessary fluids when we’re dehydrated. So saline IV bags with the 0.9% sodium chloride solution are often used to restore hydration—and optimal function—to the body.

This type of IV solution is categorized as an isotonic crystalloid solution. Crystalloid refers to the tiny particles of sodium chloride in the fluid. These particles are small enough to pass from the blood into the body’s tissues and cellular membranes. Isotonic means the solution can help balance fluid levels both inside and outside cells, making it ideal for rehydrating and replacing fluids lost from dehydration, illness, or other medical conditions. 


Saline IVs are versatile. They can be used on their own, like in the Purely Saline package, or you can add nutrients, supplements, or medications to them in varying combinations to achieve particular treatment goals.


*May cause puffiness from sodium levels in the less active. Ideal for high sweat actities to replenish.


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